Depression and anxiety cases increasement after COVID-19


A hidden epidemic, we just came across an unusual tiredness, drowsiness, lack of courage to perform routine activities. The truth is that if emotions could be heard, all the stethoscopes on the planet would hear two: fear and uncertainty.

With the arrival of a new wave of the Coronavirus pandemic in countries in Europe and the USA, great concern about the mental health of the population exists. The new plague broke out in the center of prosperous Europe and the American superpower with a virulence and speed from which no one, whether confined in a luxurious penthouse or in a humble home can consider themselves safe.

The World Health Organization estimates that one in five people will have a mental disorder, twice as much as under normal circumstances.

What will happen? Will I be infected? Will I have a job? How will my mother be? Will I see her again? 

Unanswered questions that, with the arrival of the end of year parties, afflict the population even more. As a psychologist, I live daily with patients who experience these sensations. I am a Specialist in Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Schema Therapy by Schema Therapy of New York, as well as specializing in Sexology and Psychooncology. I serve patients of the most varied nationalities, who seek comfort and warmth in therapy in this scenario that many Americans compare to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. And Europeans to the terrorist attacks that happen again in Europe. care with affection, care and respect, patients of different nationalities fluent or native in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Specialist in teenagers, adults and couples. Today I also see in this scenario of serving national and international executives concerned with the future of companies and their employees.

In addition to the concern for our lives, our families and our emotional development.

Live or online, the psychologist is focused on keeping the relationship between therapist and patient in a welcoming way, as this is the moment that most need to be connected, at any time and any day of the week, because what we are living today couldn´t be imagined before and with the right psychological help, everyone, together, will overcome adversity and mental anxieties.

In any place in the world, you can count on my professional assistance, as an ally, friend, partner. In the resilience of your internal conflicts we will trace together a happier life, with good perspectives and satisfactory results.

I’m Adriana Severine, your therapist, someone who can support you!