Have you ever thought about. How you see yourself?


We always want from others what we don’t give for ourselves….

The size of our lack is the size of our self-abandonment.


Our expectations of others never materialize in the way we imagine and bring frustration and hurt, in addition to fueling low self-esteem.

Be generous with yourself, put yourself first, treat yourself as you would treat your best friend.

Start giving yourself the value you never received from anyone else. Don’t get lost in the illusion of the other. Liking is different from needing. The hole you feel inside your chest can only be filled with your love.

How many times have you been loved and still the hole was there, aching in your chest?

Look in the mirror, right into your eyes and ask, “What do I need to do to make you happy?”

And listen to yourself. Give yourself what you miss. That’s what you need. You only have love to offer, who loves you, really.